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The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads are a glorious network of lakes and rivers which cover part of Norfolk and a small part of neighbouring Suffolk. Most of the Norfolk broads are navigable by boat making the broads an idyllic destination for boating holidays.

The Norfolk Broads

The Norfolk Broads cover a total of 303 square kilometres of which over 200 kilometres of waterway are open to navigation. Rich in wildlife and very beautiful today the broads were originally created in the Middle Ages as a result of peat digging for fuel.

Today the Norfolk Broads form a distinctive landscape dotted with picturesque windmills and reed beds. This low lying wetland habitat is not only unique but is also home to a wealth of bird and plant species including rare creatures such as the Norfolk Hawker a rare dragonfly only found in the Broads and a beautiful butterfly called the Old World Swallowtail.

Old World Swallowtail

Walking & Cycling in the Broads

With over 300 km of footpaths you don't need a boat to discover the Norfolk Broads they are just as beautiful when explored on foot or bicycle and with plenty of unspoiled villages there's always somewhere to stop a while and enjoy a meal or stay the night.

St Olave Windpump on the River Waveney

Boating & Water Sports

There are plenty of boat trips and cruises on offer. In the town of Horning you can take a trip through the Broads on a Mississippi style paddle boat and in Wroxham there are river trips as well as boat and canoe hire.

Fishing on the Broads

The Norfolk broads are home to a wide variety of fresh water and estuary fish species including Pike, Tench and Bream. There are plenty of places where you can fish for free but please make sure that you have a rod license.

Places to See

There are many things to see and do in the Broads and here are a just a few.

St Benet's Abbey

St Benet's Abbey rising from the mist

Located in the Parish of Horning and sitting the banks of the river Bure this mysterious ruin is said to have been founded in the year 1020 by King Canute. Today there remain some unique carvings, a number of earthworks and fish ponds.

Berney Arms Windmill

Only accessible by boat or on foot this windmill can be found at the head of Tile Kiln Reach and dates back to the 1870's. Standing at just over 70 feet high it is one of the highest on the Norfolk Broads.

Horsey Windpump

Horsey Windpump

Situated on the Horsey Estate this windpump is owned by the National Trust and offers superb views across Horsey Mere. Horsey Windpump is open daily from March to October.